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The Maternal Fetal Center is a full service perinatology practice located in West Palm Beach, Florida and directed by Danielle M. Esters, MD, FACOG

Our website is designed to inform you about the services provided at The Maternal Fetal Center as well as to serve as a portal for information for patients and doctors.

The Maternal Fetal Center is a high risk obstetrical practice that provides exceptional perinatology services with the attentive care and consideration that so many of our patients need. Our professional staff consists of individuals who are courteous and kind and who understand the importance of their interaction with all our patients.

Dr. Esters is a leader in maternal fetal medicine and is one of a relatively few number of maternal fetal medicine specialists nationwide who is board certified in high risk obstetrics as well as clinical medical genetics. As a maternal fetal medicine practice we collaborate with obstetricians, midwives and other health care professionals to provide obstetrical and genetic consultations, prenatal diagnosis, co-management of high risk pregnancies and highly specialized ultrasounds. The level of care that we provide will depend on the services requested by you and your provider. The management of high-risk pregnancies necessitates knowledge and expertise as well as relationships with institutions that have suitable facilities for our pregnant patients and their newborns. Dr. Esters provides services at several major hospitals in West Palm Beach to ensure the appropriate care for the patient and her unborn child as well as specialized services as needed for her newborn.

The Maternal Fetal Center website has several components that will be of interest to patients, physicians and other health care professionals. 

Appointments may be facilitated by printing out and completing our forms (see New Patient Packet) prior to the office visit and bringing them with you to the appointment.

Information about selected topics will be reviewed on our website and links to other relevant resources will also be available.

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Special Delivery is the newsletter for the practice. Like the website, Special Delivery is a new item for the practice. Current issues as well as past issues will be posted as they become available on a quarterly basis. 

A Room With A View will be of interest to ultrasound professionals. This section will feature interesting ultrasound images with explanatory text to expose the viewer to uncommon sonographic findings.


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The dynamic development of the website is our effort to convey the professional interest and enthusiasm that our practice has in the field of perinatology. At our practice patients and physicians will find that our expertise in our work is coupled with kindness and compassion, and professionals who do care about you.


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